Family Stories

  • Family of six. 
    2 yrs. married. Just had a baby in June. 
    He owns his own business, cleaning gutters and power washing homes and
    decks.  Heavily involved in church and
    community.   Husband was formerly
    homeless and they work with their church to help others that are presently in
    that situation.  Grandma lives with them.
    Helps take care of baby while Mom works from home as an insurance broker.  Mom is a Sonoma native.  Daughter is very athletic.  Plays softball, basketball, and football. 

  • Single
    mom with three children. She loves to cook and spend time outside with her
    children. Her oldest daughter loves ballet but has been unable to afford
    lessons this year.

  • Family
    of three.  They like to walk as a family
    in the evening. Mom likes to garden and works in a Nursery. Mom loves to cook
    for the family. Son likes to ride bike and all day is active. Dad loves to be
    outdoor in his free time and work on his cars through the mechanic skills he

  • Mom and Dad have two wonderful daughters
    together. Dad is the only one who works. Dad has another daughter with shared
    custody with ex wife. He pays child support, as well as spousal support. With
    these monthly expenses they see them selves always being short of money by the
    end of the month. Mom loves to play with her daughters and taking them to class
    like Avance where they can expand their social skills. Dad loves to play
    soccer, and enjoys spending time when possible with his family.

  • This
    is a family of four. The one who works is her husband. Their first daughter is
    named Arantza who two year old, The baby is Emma who is 3 weeks old. The family
    loves to go to the park, visit family. This is going to be their first
    Christmas spent together in the USA.

  • After going through the hardest time in their
    life, suffering a miscarriage at a very advance point in their pregnancy. They
    thought their life had ended at that point. But with the help of community
    groups that are offered in town, they knew that maybe later on in life they
    would be blessed with their rainbow baby. When they least expected it they were
    pregnant with their now eleven month old baby boy. Mom had to leave her job due
    to her high risk pregnancy. Since then they had been facing a lot of financial
    problems. She would love to help her husband by going back to work, but that is
    not possible because they can not afford childcare. Without having family
    around they cannot lean on anyone for help. Mom loves cooking and hopes one day
    she can get herself a career  in
    cosmetology. Dad loves to play and watch soccer with his family.

  • After nine years of trying to conceive this
    family is finally complete with their three biggest blessings their children.
    After many expensive fertility treatments their lives are filled with the
    biggest joy they could of ever asked for. Mom is a stay home mom because her
    and her husband decide that it was time to have children. Even if that meant
    loosing an income and having some financial difficulties. Mom is also required
    to stay home because their oldest daughter has delayed speech. She is receiving
    speech therapy at home, as well as mom taking her to groups and class where she
    can develop her social skills. Even with all this mom faces and deals with she
    will never loose her passion for cooking every day for her family. Dad loves to
    be hands on, to save money when his car breaks down he will take it upon him
    self to fix his car with the mechanic skill he has.

  • Family of five. Dad is the only one employed.  Heis a carpenter making custom cabinets and furniture.  Just arrived from Mexico two months ago fromJalisco.  Mom likes to cook and likes aclean house.  Children like to ride theirbikes and play outdoors.  They enjoyplaying soccer, but they are still trying to feel comfortable in the US.  They are staying with the Dad’s brother andtheir greatest wish is to find an apartment of their own.

Senior Story

  • Formerly a nuclear inspector. Retired in 1988. Sonoma resident since 1948. Enjoys painting and drawing, and loves animals. paraplegic with limited resources, but manages to pursue his interests and get around independently with his motorized wheelchair. Loves watching SF sports teams former teacher and missionary. Loves to sing spiritual or old time songs, loves to sing at karaoke time . Dementia, wheelchair bound. Enjoys being read to and responds to fresh air, poetry and aromatherapy. advanced dementia. loves garden and poetry clubs

  • Delightful former ballerina with advance Alzheimer’s originally from Russia. Loves music and pretty things in her environment. Enjoys bible study and watching Dancing with the Stars

  • Beautiful and feisty young woman, victim of serious accident, paraplegic. Loves sitting in the sun, classical music, and desserts.

  • Sweet Christian senior who’s lineage goes back 3 generations in Sonoma. Never missed bible study and lived abroad as a missionary. Short term memory issue and mild dementia. Wonderful sense of humor.

  • Former nuclear engineer for the navy, helped build the first nuclear submarine. Has dementia

  • Former microbiology professor, 75 yrs. old. Loves classical, jazz and 1950’s music.